Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Congressional Nomenclature Causes Commotion

Filed by E C Koch
ITITY Appellation Correspondent

A recent unofficial poll conducted in an attempt to gauge the feelings of congressmen and women concerning the newly appointed Supercongress revealed that opinions regarding the unprecedented commission were almost entirely positive.

The anonymous poll asked questions ranging from what Congress members thought about each party’s selections to the committee, to what members thought about the committee’s unilateral power to draft financial legislation without oversight.

A surprisingly high number of respondents proffered little to no concern regarding the committee’s ability to outline legislation that should prove to have a large and prolonged impact on both the US and world economies.

When asked about the dangers inherent to a single committee’s capacity to control government spending and their present inability to produce any legislation to that end, one unnamed contact stated, “That’s not what we’re worried about. We just don’t like the name; like all of a sudden none of us are ‘super’ anymore. I can tell you that a new bill is now being drawn up that will officially rename the rest of us ‘Super-Duper Congress’.”