Monday, July 4, 2011

US Defaults on Democracy

Fired off by B F Koch
ITITY Field Reporter

Philadelphia PA

The dimly disengaged electorate seems to have surrendered any optimism they may have once had, and is willing to passionately support anyone who successfully panders to their personal fears and private prejudices.

Distracted by the exaggerated distinction between the two parties, candidates are confidently chosen by voters whose decisions are not only bereft of reason or even self interest, but scarcely escape their barely functioning brain stems.

There are several who insist we can still reclaim some ghostly lost greatness of a mythical America, a patriotic illusion that persists only in their muddled imaginings of our actual history, but an appealing promise to people who have lost everything else.

And these are the fractious few who actually bother to cast a ballot. Most are content to be silent bystanders to the spectacle of our failure, offering only on occasion the parroted complaint of their favorite pundit.

Two hundred thirty-five years ago a group of enlightened individuals had confidence in our ability to govern ourselves. Somewhere along the way we became convinced that the commitment of active citizenship carried too high a cost.

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