Friday, June 15, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Put in the Picture by B F Koch
ITITY Contemporary Media Critic

Leaving a trail of hundred dollar bills on their path so they could find the way back, the vulture capitalist candidate and his ginger haired court jester set out to connect with those of scant economic prospect with the unpretentious yet appealing campaign slogan “a chicken with white truffle oil in every pot and couple of Cadillacs in every elevator equipped multi-level garage.”

At a private preschool, the privileged offspring of the fortunate few act out a lesson in government gridlock with their emerging nation manufactured congressional inaction figures, while the children of aspiring reality show contestants prepare to compete in the high-tech world with a no prejudice left behind hillbilly home brew of creationism science and second amendment remedies.

A mischievous wizard of financial alchemy conjures a magical investment scheme of impenetrable complexity and unlimited profit potential then casts a something for nothing spell to conceal his simple scam, while a baby faced billionaire offers shares of his social media success to select insiders then forgets to inform his friends that the IPO party is already over.

Interrupted only by snake oil salesmen shilling concoctions no one really needs to cure conditions no one actually has, an endless flood of mindless effluence flows from the flat screens in every home, offering a nation of vacuous couch bound viewers a high definition distraction from the fact that their castle is in foreclosure and their country has been sold to the highest bidder.

In the crowded arena of an empire past its expiration date, three hundred million peasants all fight for their fifteen minutes, a beautiful princess checks into a five-star celebrity rehab for the umteenth time, and the handsome young pilot of a surveillance drone silently watches as the new gilded age slowly goes to hell in a counterfeit Gucci handbag.