Friday, August 26, 2011

Further Downgrades Create Contention

Filed by E C Koch
ITITY Child Psychology Correspondent

In a report filed earlier this week by the Senate Committee on Financial Oversight, the United States has officially downgraded the Standard and Poor’s ratings agency from its previously perfect five stars to a less than stellar four stars following the S&P downgrade of US credit to AA+.

Due to the unprecedented downgrading of the S&P, many fear that subsequent downgrades are imminent, and that all future ratings will be met with a great deal of skepticism.

In what some consider to be a retaliatory measure, the S&P has already downgraded the Grand Canyon to the Decent Canyon, the Final Frontier to the Penultimate Frontier, and Washington DC to Washington DD+.

Though some have tried contacting Standard and Poor’s CEO Devan Sharma for comment, no one has, as yet, been able to reach him, as he was recently downgraded to janitor.

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