Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Newest Reserve Currency Announced

Reported by E C Koch
ITITY Banking Commentator

Atlantic City NJ

After a months-long deliberation among prominent government leaders and international financiers, it was recently announced that the world’s reserve currency has again been reassessed and changed.

The anchor currency, that for so long has been the US Dollar, and, in part, controls both foreign exchange rates and commodities pricing, has been switched to the more stable and inflation protected Monopoly Money.

This decision, which some bankers have been anticipating for several years, tails a recent trend in global economics that has cast a shadow of doubt upon the stability of the US economy and has citizens the world over raiding their cabinets and cupboards seeking this newly valuated tender.

Parker Brothers, in reaction to the news, has stated that they will continue to produce the popular board game, but that it will consequently be adjusted for inflation and issued with the requisite quantity of, now worthless, American dollars.

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  1. Finally America has given in to Colorful Currency!