Thursday, June 30, 2011

Government Program Raises Roof

Filed by E C Koch
ITITY Finance Analyst

Fairfield CT

There was confirmation earlier this week that the government-funded project to design a device to raise the debt ceiling has been approved by Congress for use on the nation’s economy.

The program that would eventually become the massive DCR-9000 was initiated in February, and designs for the enormous hydraulic lift were quickly built and tested under conditions of confidentiality.

Program engineers faced the challenge of having to create something that was extremely robust but would not overstress the weakened economies it was meant to raise. Field testing was conducted on some peripheral African nations’ economies with mixed results ranging from minor fractures to, in some cases, complete failure.

Though many insiders are voicing concerns that use of the device has yet to be perfected, a majority feel that the current economic conditions are far too dire to continue stalling, while financial experts are still trying to predict how again raising the debt ceiling will affect the economy’s ever-dwindling debt attic, both in the short and long term.

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