Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silence in the Studio

Dispatched by B F Koch
ITITY Unusual Events Reporter

Palm Beach FL

In a time when nothing seems to escape being caught on camera, there is, oddly, no image of the event. A fragment of recovered audio recorded only a strange snap, crackle and pop. No one who was there and survived says they saw anything but a blinding flash.

Arson investigators are searching his singed broadcast booth for evidence, but so far what actually happened remains a complete mystery.

Some think it feasible that the inflammatory vitriol he voiced every day was itself flammable, and was perhaps ignited by an errant ember from one of his signature cigars, or a static spark from his monogrammed microphone.

Others speculate that he was consumed in a conflagration set off by his own overheated hostility, somehow spontaneously combusted during an outburst of half baked bellicosity, or inadvertently self immolated in a fit of pyroclastic pique.

While it may never be satisfactorily explained, it is quite likely that the still smoldering smudge of greasy soot scraped off the spot where he used to sit is all that is left of Rush Limbaugh.

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