Sunday, June 12, 2011

An American Scandal

Filed by B F Koch
ITITY Current Affairs Analyst

Heartland USA

Placated by a patriotic pride of our own ignorance we find it easier to cut and paste the pages in Wikipedia than to admit we daydreamed and doodled our way through history class.

Our education in economics is so demonstrably devoid of discipline we are convinced of our destruction by the demons of deficit and debt, yet discover it difficult when asked to define the difference.

What we absent mindedly absorbed from our civics curriculum is so completely contrived we are challenged by the multiple choice questions we require immigrants to answer.

Our unemployment policies leave millions looking for any kind of work, yet we happily pass the time miniature golfing around the collapsing obstacles of our failing infrastructure.

While futilely waging war in five foreign lands and counting, we faithfully support our fighting men and women in every way we can, except caring for the country they will one day return to.

Desperate for any distraction from our incapacity to confront these disgraces we giggle and gossip about the only scandals that make us truly uncomfortable, the ones surrounding sex.

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  1. Shame on us! Yes, talking about an offense most middle schoolers commit is good fun, but is it really the most important news story of the past week?! When did the national news become as scrupulous as TMZ; come on now.