Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Could Go Wrong?

The Democrats dizzily circle the dark drain of doubt and indecision, increasingly incapable of accommodating even the most cautious criticism of their insulated incumbent, accepting insipid passivity in place of promoting progressive principles and willing to accept any collateral damage in their submissive efforts to compromise with their unyielding opponents on the right.

The Republicans staunchly sustain their scorched earth march toward an ideological impasse, entirely intolerant of dissent with a commitment so complete it does not include an exit strategy, confidently confusing blind conviction with traditional conservative values and willing to endure even self destruction in their single minded determination to defeat their compliant colleagues on the left.

The voters, when they actually bother to cast a ballot, lazily rely on the continuous convenience of the cable news networks and their daily delivery of divisive diatribe to reinforce their polarized opinions and support their partisan paranoia, eventually choosing a candidate through a thought process so intellectually impoverished and callously incompetent even game show hosts are considered serious presidential contenders.

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