Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White House Affirmation Confirms Stance

Washington DC

During a press conference thing held earlier in the week a sort of spokesperson for the White House and stuff clarified the President’s position on an issue.

Though the meeting only lasted for about twenty minutes or so, the issue that previously wanted so much attention was addressed and clarified, further erasing any lingering obfuscation surrounding this important matter.

When asked to like clarify the President’s sentiments the spokesperson responded, “Let me be clear. This administration’s position is the same as it was when we were campaigning, and that position has not changed. We've always been transparent when it comes to these issues and this is no different. If anything we are actually more committed to this now than we were before.”

What still remains however is the reaction to this announcement from critics who, it should be said, all too often accuse the current administration of being really vague and whatever.

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