Saturday, June 18, 2011

Momma Grizzly vs Old Grizzly

Flash From the Front by G. Izzy Nasti

Sarah Palin’s triumphant ride last week on the back of a Harley Davidson into a motorcycle convention in Washington, D.C. received national media coverage, however in an exclusive interview with It’s True, I Tell Ya!, Ron Paul, the 75 year old congressman and GOP presidential hopeful, revealed that her display had generated a firestorm within the Republican ranks that “can only be resolved mano-a-mano” and challenged her to a smack down cage fight to be sponsored by Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. 

After Paul’s scheduled appearance before the gathering was completely eclipsed by Palin’s unannounced exhibition, our stalwart reporter overheard him saying “I’m sick and tired of that (expletive deleted) sucking the air out of our campaign with her media stunts.” In an on the record comment he asserted, “I should be the natural choice of this very important constituency. I support the legalization of marijuana as well as the biker’s other drugs of choice and the repeal of all mandatory helmet laws. If we are successful, we will save the government a lot of money in the War on Drugs and probably create a few new organ donors.” 

When apprised of Paul’s comments and his challenge Palin retorted, “I’m up to any throw down from that old codger and besides, I look much better in leather!”  Linda MacMahon, the unsuccessful Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Connecticut and WWE executive, is reported to have gleefully greeted this news, proclaiming, “That’s great! Let’s keep this all in the family.”


  1. Can we arrange a tag team match? Palin/Bachmann v. the Pauls, father & son?

  2. Just like the lame stream media to completely misquote the Esther of our age. (How do I know she was misquoted? The quote is coherent and a properly structured sentence.)