Sunday, June 26, 2011

No News is Fox News

Flash From the Front by G. Izzy Nasti

Internal emails from the office of Republican power broker and Fox News president Roger Ailes hint at his frustration with running the network:

“What’s with Beck? Does he really believe that gibberish on his blackboard proves his popularity is up? He’s sinking like a stone. Someone hide his chalk before he hurts himself.”

“What’s with Wallace and Stuart? At least Sarah’s got the sense to quit while she’s ahead. Someone tell him if I want a comedian, I’ll watch Megyn.”

“What’s with O’Reilly? Is his studio getting smaller or is his head actually getting bigger? Someone get me a new monitor.”

In one leaked memo Ailes reveals his strategy for a pair of popular presidential hopefuls:
“Michelle and Sarah need to be taken seriously as candidates in the Republican field even if they have no chance in the election.   

We’ll make them media stars and when the political theater is over they’ll anchor our new entry in the prime time lineup.  

What we need is Huntley and Brinkley but without the pretension and gravitas. They’ll be the Fox version, two rivals, sexy and edgy. Bachmann and Palin, Fox News, Hot and Bothered.”  

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  1. I'd be frustrated running a network like Fox, as well. A bunch of knuckleheads who can't even competently echo the Right Wing talking points fed to 'em from above. It's like herding cats.

    Not to mention the frustration that he must have trying to keep track of all of the half truths his network airs...and trying to justify why his network so is so blatantly biased, yet pretends to be "fair and balanced"? Being a shill and a liar, and being the leader of shills and liars, can be extremely frustrating. But, hey, it's a living...