Sunday, January 6, 2013

Empire of Emptiness

Dispatched by B F Koch
ITITY Current Events Columnist

Heartland USA

From our oppressive foreign policy, to simple disputes over parking spaces, we are a country increasingly incapable of controlling our aggressive inclinations, where the disaffected, potentially dangerous, individual is only dimly discernible amid the mindless search-for-a-motive-reveals-only-madness momentum of everyday American crazy.

Throughout our violent winner-take-all history we have been comfortably unwilling to confront the needless suffering of countless souls caused by the conquest of other cultures, yet are still shocked when the promise of a more perfect union is periodically shattered by the awful anguish of our own homegrown horrors.

We continue to contest the meaning of a cryptic passage on a piece of old parchment, steadfastly clinging to our fictionalized flintlock-over-every-fireplace frontier past, while facing a desperate future in a suspicious stand-your-ground shadow of a society where fearful people live separate lives across a lonely locked-and-loaded landscape of pervasive paranoia.