Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Gold-Plated Monkey Wrench

Contributed by B F Koch
ITITY Political Theater Critic

Those who tuned in to Fox News for the first Republican Presidential Debate were treated to the center stage spectacle of an insult comic campaigning for CEO of USA Inc. The obnoxious billionaire started off by threatening to run as a third party candidate, basically blackmailing his party into nominating him.

The arrogant game show host didn’t offer any policies or positions, but did take the time to tell viewers what he doesn’t have time for, pompously reminded everyone he was rich enough to purchase political favors, and continued his puerile attempt to promote himself by putting everyone else down.

Despite declaring himself the winner, the former beauty pageant sponsor still felt that Megyn Kelly had treated him unfairly by bringing up his history of demeaning women. On CNN the next day he called her a bimbo.

It’s no surprise that this thin-skinned celebrity is leading the polls. There are plenty of people who see in the Prima Donald their own dumbed-down version of the American dream: having a bank account big enough to buy whatever they want, yet still getting to behave like the same boorish slob they were when they were barely scraping by on a small weekly paycheck.