Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cuban Curveball Creates Crisis

Filed by B D W
ITITY Weird Events Correspondent

Miami FL

LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, whose misdealings just last month shocked the sports world by bringing the franchise to bankruptcy court, ended his tenure this week when he quietly sold one of the worst teams in baseball to Cuba.

A strongly-worded editorial by Raul Castro, appearing in yesterday’s Havana Press, has the White House scrambling to reach a solution to the controversial issue of Cuba’s attempt to purchase the team.

Castro warned, “If you coolly weigh the situation which has developed, not giving way to passions, you will understand that Cuba cannot but reject the arbitrary demands of the United States whose pirate-like action will inevitably lead to war.”

After deploying the Navy, Barack Obama, baseball fan and Commander in Chief, stated during an emergency broadcast late last night, “The purity of America’s favorite pastime will not be tampered with and we will remain firm in our decision to blockade Cuba.”

As the clock runs out on this stalemate, reports suggest that while the President would prefer a diplomatic compromise to a military confrontation, he is not opposed to an invasion. At this time no one is sure whether Castro will back down.

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