Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Congress Seeks Celestial Solution

Reported by E C Koch
ITITY Financial Correspondent

Washington DC

Although the Democratic nominations to the newly formed Super Committee have not been formally conducted no one expects those nominations to in any way alter the eventual recommendations made by Republican members who have already produced a draft addressing the deficit crisis that would essentially wipe the economic slate clean.

Though there remains much partisan contention with regard to the most efficient way to restore fiscal sanity, this proposed alternative attempts to bypass party politics by including another stagnant government agency, and looking to the heavens.

Through what might have been science fiction several years ago, the Super Committee would direct NASA to cure the country’s financial woes by redirecting an asteroid toward Earth, in hopes of allowing our government’s policymakers the chance to start afresh; a final solution that leaves Congress simultaneously nervous and powerless to intervene.

Several eminent scientists outside of NASA have recently voiced their opinions with respect to this solution, mostly on the topic of unintended consequences; but have largely been discredited as followers of Maynard Keynes.

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