Thursday, October 6, 2011

Intervention For America

Filed by B D Warzecha
ITITY Reporter at Large

Rochester MN

“I understand that everyone has their own opinions as to how I got to where I am. Clearly I’m not perfect, and sure, sometimes I broke the rules and forced myself into places just to get more, but then, I was on top."

“Honestly I was startled when I began to realize that my friends no longer believed a word I said; so I kicked, screamed, and yelled, hoping to get their attention, demanding they do as I say, but they just wouldn’t listen, and often, I simply left them behind."

“It never took long before I needed more, but everyone was on to me and no one was willing to intervene, so I just invaded in order to get it, but it was never enough. Out of money, places to go, and options, I decided to let my friends help."

"How do I feel? Oil has controlled me for the better part of my life. From the time I discovered it I loved it, I needed more, and there was nothing else. It has controlled many decisions, some good, most bad. Without it, I panic and don’t know where to turn. I know I have to find something else, I just hope it’s something that’s easier to score.”

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