Monday, February 15, 2016

The Revenant of 5th Avenue

Dispatched by B F Koch
ITITY Unusual Events Reporter

New York, NY

As experts review the confusing, often contradictory statements of witnesses who still can’t believe what they saw, and attempt to stitch together the shadowy images of a hundred pieces of cell phone video, a strange and incredible narrative is beginning to emerge.

During the paralyzing blizzard of early February, a man is seen running from a building in midtown Manhattan. His right arm is raised, shielding his face. While some are shouting that his head is on fire, at least three blurry images show only an unruly tangle of unnaturally orange hair.

In several videos it appears as though he is being pursued by a large bird. Some bystanders are saying it’s a raven, yet others insist it’s a bald eagle. Although difficult to discern in the whiteout, in one enhanced frame it looks as if the man’s eyes have been plucked from their sockets.

Crossing 56th Street, he slips, is struck by a taxi, and then staggers south for two more blocks where he collapses on the icy sidewalk. Before anyone can assist him, a gang of hungry rats drag his broken body down the snow covered stairs into the 53rd street subway station.

His clothes now in shreds, he slowly crawls across the platform on his hands and knees then falls helplessly onto the tracks. Attempts to help him are halted when his stubby fingers deliberately reach for the third rail. A woman screams as a bright yellow arc briefly illuminates the hideous spectacle.

The smoldering corpse convulses; then falls still. A sickening hiss hangs in the dank air. After a few stomach-turning seconds, the tunnel is silent.

Astonished onlookers then suddenly gasp in horror as the gruesome figure struggles to stand. Gaining his balance, he takes a few faltering steps; then with each stride his pace becomes more confident until he finally disappears into the darkness.

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