Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Legislation Engenders Controversy

Submitted by E C Koch
ITITY Entitlements Analyst

Richmond VA

State legislators have proposed a new law that, if passed, is expected by some to initiate an immediate appeals process and possible intervention from the ACLU.

The proposition, backed by less than half of the respondents in a recent poll, would require all men to undergo a colonoscopy prior to the purchase of any Tom Clancy novel as an incentive against the potential mental and emotional trauma inflicted by its reading.

This controversial bill has received an enormous negative reaction from state men’s rights organizations dedicated to advocating gender equality and literacy, likening the medical procedure to “state-sanctioned rape,” while proponents argue that they “only want men to weigh the gravity of what would be a potentially damaging and certainly life-altering decision,” and to “not make the choice lightly.”

Opponents to the prospective legislation have already asked for the option to have the colonoscopy instead described by the physician, seen as a more moderate alternative to being forced to either view the procedure or pay for the book on tape.

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