Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not for Nuttin’, Big Guy

Filed by B F Koch
ITITY East Coast Political Correspondent

The ongoing investigation into New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s involvement in restricting Fort Lee residents’ access to the George Washington Bridge may be affecting his popularity among some of his Garden State constituents.

One of his former supporters, Nicky “Nads” Nutella offered his take on the controversy “It woulda been beautiful. I mean freakin’ beautiful. A real Jersey wise guy in the White House, I mean, one of us, in the freakin’ White House. Can you imagine? It woulda been freakin’ beautiful.”

Nutella continued “Yea, but now I’m not so sure, ya know. It’s like this thing Sister Marie Theresa used to tell us when we was kids, just make sure it’s worth it before ya pull this kinda shit in the first place. She told us that all the time. In fact I still got a mark over here from that one time she told us.

So now everybody wants to know what he knew. Did he know? How would I know? What I do know is that the big guy always knows. My uncle Carmine taught me that. So if he didn’t know what he was supposed to know, maybe he’s not the big guy we thought we knew. Ya know?”

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