Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We have spent the last decade in our declining empire living in a fear, manipulated by our government and magnified by our media, of apparent perils and perceived enemies while ignoring the most insidious threats to our way of life, our own pervasive paranoia and hegemonic hubris.

Our once prosperous and confident country now faces the future with increasing apprehension. We elect leaders not for their bold vision, but for their paltry promises to protect us and we carelessly concede our liberties for the fleeting illusion of safety.

We trust in the awesome power of our weapons yet have lost faith in the simple strength of our beliefs. We use our military might to remake the world in our image even as we surrender the ideals that made us strong.

A trillion dollars squandered. A million lives ended. Celebrating vengeance will not save us, even if we call it justice.

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