Thursday, May 19, 2011

Media Tycoon Takes Legal Action

London UK

Reports filed earlier this week have been confirmed verifying that the multimedia magnate Fox News has in fact brought legal action against controversial scientist Richard Dawkins, coming after the release of his new book Memes: Why Popular Ideas and Common Knowledge Have No Bearing on Truth.

The controversy arose after the contentious biologist and memeticist was cited for intellectual property theft by the news mogul, referring specifically to the section in his book on memes - units of cultural information analogous to biology’s genes - in which he asserts that the proliferation of popular concepts and ideas have no bearing whatsoever on their basis in fact, or that the success of a meme is in no way related to its being correct.

Fox News has stated that this infringes on the founding premise of their program, that the information disseminated throughout their news shows have long since overlooked facts and that Dawkins’ alleged discovery is in no way original.

When asked about the lawsuit Dawkins stated, “Really I feel quite absurd about the whole thing; the idea of being sued is just dreadful. Frankly though, I wasn't even aware Fox News had any intellectual property to steal.”

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