Friday, May 13, 2011

Miscalculation Piques Interest

St. Louis MO

A discovery late last week is expected to have major implications regarding the already mounting national debt, where it was found, after an accounting clerk did a routine record check, that there was a discrepancy in the current estimation of our nation’s debt.

Apparently an oversight, involving a misplaced decimal, has underestimated the debt by a factor of six, and even has some economists concerned as to how this will affect domestic export prices.

The gaff has been traced back to the head accounting office during a particularly busy period in 2005. Though no official report has been filed, it is supposed that the error occurred during a symposium on New New Governing Dynamics: A Nashian Guide to Certainty in GDP during that year’s worldwide economic summit.

A spokesperson for the head accounting office has stated, “Well once you enter the world of hypermath, and numbers the size of the national debt, calculation errors and misplaced decimals don’t really matter. Really at this point it would be like asking a four-year old to number the stars and then getting really angry at her for miscounting after about ten trillion or so.”

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