Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Local Election Heats Up

Cashiers NC

The election for county treasurer has been receiving notoriety throughout the past weeks due to the amount of money that has reportedly been spent on each campaign. Both candidates have done a significant amount of fundraising in order to compete for the local government post, but so far neither has distinguished himself as the clear frontrunner.

Through local advertisements, attack ads, counterattack ads and lawn signs, reported spending for the two campaigns is in excess of $39 billion.

During their campaigns both candidates have run on a policy of fiscal conservativism and intelligent spending, often noting inflated government budgets as the source of the greatest waste in municipalities.

Though the budget the treasurer would have control over would amount to approximately $10 thousand annually, both candidates remain adamant that their financial policies are economically sound. When asked about the disproportionately high amount of election spending for such a minor government seat, the incumbent Len Dwyer stated, “We are, after all, a capitalist democracy and, as we all know, this is how elections are won.”

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