Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Crazy, the Weak, and the Doomed

In a blinding blizzard of keystrokes not seen since the infinite monkey multitude took a stab at the script to “Hamlet,” newly elected Republican state and federal officials have recently unleashed an unprecedented avalanche of demonically destructive legislation.

In a tepid response easily mistaken for complete apathy, Democratic lawmakers cautiously vacillate between timid conciliation and absolute capitulation, their only position remotely recognizable as a strategy appears to be their insipid anticipation that the conservatives will eventually wear themselves out.

In a relentless parade of pathetic pandering a seemingly inexhaustible supply of self aggrandizing media experts spew their spineless commentary, imparting equal significance to the abandonment of all but the transparent pretext of a representative democracy and sordid stories of self destructing celebrities, while continuously turning up the volume on the cacophonous feedback of their increasing irrelevance.

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