Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sarah Palin’s Incredible Shrinking Brain

Wasilla AK

Analysis of CAT Scans obtained from the Wasilla Health Clinic and Gun Exchange have confirmed that the former half term governor and trailer park resident’ s brain is indeed dwindling in capacity.

A member of the Alaska Neurological Association and Hunting Club explained “The bright light of media attention has been dangerously focused by her iconic eyewear through her optic nerve and onto her frontal lobe. It’s like burning ants with a magnifying glass".

When asked if the condition was treatable, he stated “Brain shrinkage has been observed in female grizzly bears during hibernation, but is normally reversed in the spring. In her case it appears she bought a one way ticket.”

In a final note the doctor added “It’s ironic that the fake glasses she wears to appear intelligent have actually made her less so. Her brain will eventually shrink to a singularity of stupidity from which no logic or reason can escape. Her only remaining mental faculty will then be the basic instinct for self preservation.”

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