Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prep School Offers Winning Solution

Prairie Oyster MN

The highly progressive Delusions of Grandeur Preparatory School, located in western Minnesota, has taken the lead from their new-age parent clientele and begun work to initiate a new program to help ensure that their entire student body experiences the enjoyment of scholastic success.

Delusions of Grandeur Prep, already among the first schools in the nation to abolish their grading system, and having since begun a free-form class style, in which students can elect which subjects they care to learn throughout the two hour school day by simply walking into or out of classrooms as they see fit, are now in the process of establishing a new program whereby students will no longer actually have to come to school to receive their predetermined satisfactory evaluation.

The new program developed out of a regularly-scheduled bi-weekly PTA meeting, which often receives better than a 95% participation rate, during which parents discussed ways to establish simple methods through which their children could be guaranteed a sense of accomplishment in their educational environment. It was through such meetings that Delusions of Grandeur saw the end of overly competitive grading, and the oppressively structured class system.

In reference to the new program, Delusions’ principle Clem Larson stated, “What we want to do here is make sure that every student thrives. We’re offering an education that will prepare our kids for success in future life, and we expect to see more schools around the country establish similar programs. We think all of our students are winners, and I think that as they grow up they’ll use the education they received here to continue America’s legacy as the greatest country in the world.”

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  1. There's a bit of sadness in all your blogs, because they all contain an element of truth. This one is no exception. Excellently done!