Monday, April 11, 2011

America’s Got Politics

New York NY

Donald Trump and NBC have announced plans for Presidential Apprentice, a new reality show set to premier this fall season in which unqualified contestants will compete for the prize of becoming Trump’s 2012 vice presidential running mate.

NBC Programming Analyst, Tess Patton chimed in “Traditional debates are dull, have been done to death, and don’t pull the numbers. Serious deliberations are too demanding, complex positions too confusing, and discussing the deficit is just depressing. Real people with real emotions, that’s what American audiences tune in to. You want an intellectual challenge, sit down with a sudoku puzzle; this is prime time television”.

Rival networks vying for viewer share have already begun developing their own concepts. CBS intends to strike strategically with Senate Survivor, FOX will fight the ratings conflict with Congressional Idol, and not to be outdone, ABC expects a distinct advantage with Dancing Around the Issues.

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