Monday, April 18, 2011

Presidential Candidate Goes Unnoticed

Contributed by E C Koch
ITITY 2012 Campaign Correspondent

Des Moines IA

As much of the mainstream news coverage has been dominated by the recent palaver concerning government shutdown, it is perhaps unsurprising that last week the announcement of a new unforeseen presidential candidate has been largely overlooked. However, with little fanfare, which is somewhat appropriate for the untraditional nature of the entrant, Droopy Dog has declared his intent to run for president in 2012.

Though many pundits have speculated that a cartoon could not possibly win a presidential election, another animated character, Donald “Duck” Trump, has already declared his intent to run and has in fact seen considerable support, which could ultimately represent a considerable challenge to Obama’s potential second term.

In response to Droopy Dog’s announcement Donald Trump has launched an independent investigation into the origins of Mr. Dog’s birth, based on unsubstantiated rumors of his alleged alien status, that Trump, in fact, is suspected of starting.

In reaction to these latest announcements, a poll was taken of state voters asking whether they would consider a cartoon character for president, of which 95% responded in the affirmative. While some antagonists have begun to question the legitimacy of these estimates, no comment has been made to this point addressing the conspicuous absence of an alternative choice.

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