Thursday, April 14, 2011

iPhone App Potentially Changes Political Discourse

Filed by B F Koch
ITITY Technology Editor

Silicon Valley CA

Electronic gizmo enthusiasts are anxiously anticipating the latest gotta have gadget, a Voice Stress Analysis application that turns the popular iPhone into a hand held deception detector.

The Apple VSA-1 will display three color coded alert levels that range from yellow for slightly skeptical statements, to orange for definitely dubious declarations, to red for unreservedly unbelievable utterances.

Prevaricating politicians have expressed calculated concern for the possible degradation of public confidence, while mendacious media personalities appear apprehensive about the undeserved damage to their questionable careers.

In an unprecedented bipartisan effort, scheming lawmakers have hastily begun drafting legislation to rigorously regulate the threatening technology, strenuously supported by manipulative news networks.

When asked about the impact of the new product, and the strategy of already announcing the upcoming VSA-2, Steve Jobs replied “They’ll just have to rely on people’s short term memory, I guess. We do”.

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