Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Was Only a Matter of Time

Filed by B F Koch
ITITY Current Events Reporter

City Upon a Hill USA

Causing incalculable damage to our collective self image, in a catastrophic failure that occurred just after dawn this morning, the country’s most revered myth, American Exceptionalism collapsed under its own crushing weight.

Its foundation crumbling from decades of neglect and continuously undermined by our constant demands for easy answers to hard questions, eroded by our complete inability to cope with present challenges, the great myth was finally too weak to buttress our adamant belief that we were somehow immune to the stresses that affect all cultures.

Severely strained by recent justifications for our insistent interventionism, the great myth was ultimately incapable of supporting the accumulated burden of the false memories of our Frontier Spirit, the arrogant interpretations of our Rugged Individualism, and the exploitative references to our Founding Fathers.

Sifting through the rubble in shock and disbelief, politicians, pundits and media personalities, still unable to articulate any meaningful vision of our future, are yet fearful of criticizing the great myth itself, intimidated that such thoughtful introspection will only be interpreted by the flag lapel pin wearing public as patently unpatriotic.

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