Monday, April 4, 2011

Sarkozy Offers Qaddafy Asylum in Style

Filed by F. Russell Grumman
ITITY International Affairs Correspondent

Paris France    

Responding to overnight rumors, French President Nicholas Sarkozy today issued a statement partially confirming that France has quietly offered Muammar Qaddafy political asylum.

According to the President’s office the idea originated with the First Lady and popular singing star Carla Bruni, who is known to have considerable influence in state affairs.

Apparently unreceptive at first, Sarkozy soon recognized it would be less controversial than providing Ayatollah Khomeini refuge in the 1970’s and agreed to make the offer subject to certain conditions.

According to Bruni “It came to me while I was shopping. As I was being shown the spring collection at the House of Dior, I wondered who they could possibly get to replace the fantastique John Galiano. I thought it would have to be someone flamboyant with recognized fashion flare, name recognition and of course, proper café manners.”

Bruni continued “At that point I happened to glance at the evening edition of le Monde with a headline about Libya and Quelle Surprise! Dictator Chic!

Dior’s Directeur Executive was open to the idea but cautioned “If the Colonel’s fall line doesn’t wow Parisian fashion critics, he’ll be taking his chances with the World Court in Belgium. Frankly, I don’t know which is worse.”

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